Is It Time To Start Talking About Drew Stevens?


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The best story of the Hawkeye season, really. Starts the season as a backup...ends the season with the best FG % in Iowa history? I'm guessing here, but doubt many, if any, Iowa kickers have kicked over 15 FGs at an 88% or better clip. And not all chip shots either, like at some schools. What does Iowa's record look like this year if he misses 3 or 4 additional kicks? Don't want to think about it...and DEFINITELY not taking him for granted!
A couple of recent guys have been close to 88%.

Keith Duncan had a pretty good year in 2019, going 29 for 34 and was the Groza award runner-up. That works out to 85%

Caleb Shudak was pretty good last year too. Going 24 for 28. That also works out to 85%