Iowa's End Disappointing, Not Failure

Difference was this year South Carolina made sure they had shooters.

They were 8-19 this game... 4-20 last year.

That's the difference right there.
South Carolina wasn’t better. They were taller.

109-3 over the last 3 years...I am pretty sure they are good.

There are plenty of tall people out there not winning national championships, I think us Hawk fans can be gracious enough to recognize a damn good team when we see it.
Most excitement in Iowa athletics in a very long time. Back to back national title games. Absolutely incredible. South Carolina's 2nd five probably make the sweet 16. Hawks gave it everything they had
In terms of the amount of public interest this women's Iowa basketball team is nationally the tops. It even attracted an international audience. The TV viewership numbers confirm it. Yes, losing the two last national championship games is difficult to accept, but not disappointing. The state of Iowa and the University of Iowa have to recognize the contributions this team made to the very fabric of the state.

It is important to recognize the accomplishments these young ladies made. The circumstances they achieved them under showed true character and perseverance. It was universally said that Iowa had the hardest path to the championship game. There were two other number one seeds that didn't make it with easier paths. What the team members did in the classroom combined with what they did on the court should not go unnoticed.

Iowa had a generational talent and a head coach that figured out how to exploit it in a world where coaches try to mitigate risks. Dawn Staley removed all risks in the off season by having a great collection of 5 star athletes that proved they could shoot the three and out rebound every team they played. Lisa Bluder and staff took a risk that a star player could make her teammates a championship team. They did what no other Big Ten team has done, make the Final Four Championship game in consecutive years. The ladies took the challenge and game up one game short on April 7, 2024. It was and will be an unforgettable achievement in the history women's sports, not just Iowa sports.
So well said. The Hawks are just a great team and there is not one of the team, floor or bench) I wouldn't date if my wife would let me.

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