Iowa @ Wisconsin Game Thread

Not stating anything new here, but truly, I don't get the margin we get out-rebounded night after night.

I played ball, a lot of it. I wasn't a prolific scorer, however, I rebounded well. I wasn't the tallest player on the court but I worked on technique and I went after every ball. It was a work ethic thing.

Seems we're lacking the blue-collar, block-out and grunt it out mentality to rebound.
In retrospect we should have seen it coming.

Our rebounding margin last year, with Garza and company, was +2.7 good for sixth in the league.

Then we lost our top three rebounders.

What blows my mind was how close we came to 8-2 in conference road games. That would have been on a par with the 1979 and 1987 teams. With the debacles at Minnesota and Indiana we ended up at a still-respectible 6-4.