Iowa on BTN at 3:30


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Hawks again getting the bad end of the calls. Clark was grabbed before she cleared space. The announcers are awful. Showing their Hoosier bias big time.


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Caitlin Clark and Monika Czinano combined for 52 points today, Caitlin 32, Monika 20. Iowa shot an impressive 57.1% from 3 point range. Iowa also played aggressive defense forcing 12 turnovers.


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I want to win them all but I can't be to upset with this loss. Hawks are young and are starting to learn how to play together. The defense is picking up but the rebounding still is killing us. Gabbie needs to quite stopping n the middle of the paint. Would love to see her stay on the perimeter and knock down more threes. She's never going to be strong going to the basket with a crowded lane. Monika missed waaaaaaaay to many easy shots that actually took us out of the game. Weren't getting many calls down low. Hawks played a pretty physical game and need to keep that up from here on out. Caitlin Clark! Still shaking my head about some of those shots! WOW! Can't wait to get back to Carver next year and watch this team kick ass B1G TIME! It's going to be fun! Caitlin is going to be the FNPOY and the B1G FPOY and quite possibly the B1G POY! Hell Yes!