Initial Game thoughts

I was surprised how easily Iowa controlled Penix. Was Penix over rated? Was he tentative because of the knee injuries? Or is Iowas D that solid? I think it's a combination of all three with Iowas D being that solid as the key.
They took one shot down their field in the second half. I forget who it was. He had a step on the defender. Overthrown by a couple steps.

To be fair, the receiver was doubled up tight. That throw had to be out front and the only way it was going to be caught was to run underneath it. Even then it would have been a jump ball.

I was sitting on that end of the field and he had no other options (that deep). I know I’d rather have my guy over throw locked down double coverage than throw into it.
Great first game of season. A win is the important stat. QB and receivers will settle in and develope chemistry. Back 7 on D really 5 in country in imo.If we develope a pass rusher, this D could be off the charts
I was at the game and have not watched the replay so I will know more then. But I believe the Tracy underthrow was the third quarter, possibly fourth. You could be correct about the LaPorta misses in the first half. But I stand by what I said earlier that I thought his first half was pretty good overall. We'll have to agree to disagree on that point.

Maybe it was 3rd quarter, but I was bitching the entire first half over how many open receivers he was missing. I don't know if you would have been able to see it on TV, some of that stuff you can only see live.
He didn’t even see him until he was chased out of the pocket.

There was another play, I think it was a pass to Goodson, it was a completion but had Petras hit him in stride it would have been an easy touchdown.
Tracy adjusted his route and rightly so because of the DB slipping. Petras released it just before he the time to adjust. Lucky it was even completed.

You can always see things better in person, but a lot if his in completions looked like he was not taking any chances because of the lead. As a FB coach, I can see so much more in person and see his they're using each player, etc.
I will not disagree about the QBs Iowa recruits, I think we could make a gun slinger a top 10 pick.

Petras just needs to do what he is supposed to do.

This is a team built on defense, and oh boy, this is one of the best defenses I have seen. The LBers were the worst players out there. Think about that.

When Linderbaum gets his O line playing well, and with this schedule we should absolutely be 12-0 going into the B1G championship game against a slightly above average tOSU, worse than the one we hung 55 on.

13-0 is not out of the realm.
The things I see Petras needing to fix 1- slow down. 2-learn to rotate your hips. I know he is 6'5" 230, but he turns those hips and he is a STUD
They took one shot down their field in the second half. I forget who it was. He had a step on the defender. Overthrown by a couple steps.

It was at least a few series in to the 3rd or later, because my blood pressure was down and my pulse rate was heading back to normal. I think it was a 1st or second down go-for-the-throat kind of play. Maybe after the last interception? I had 5o watch the second half on DVr after a wedding. A bit hazy on details.

I like your assessment. Really hard to tell what we learned from that game. It does seem the secondary knows that they are doing. Hard to really tell about the D line since Indy was on their wheels from the get go. Other than we knew they were going to pass a lot, and when they did run...they didn't get much.

Offensively, other than that 4th and 2 (which I do not believe they actually gained) the offense never "had" to do much. So, they didn't do much. We didn't see much. I guess other than showing the wildcat and the end around.
The offense scored the first time they had the ball. They were in the red zone 4 times and scored 4 times, 2 TD’s, 2 FG’s.

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