How important is distance on kick-offs?


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This new guy, Forgy?, sent almost all into the end zone. I've felt for years that kick-0ff distance was not given enough importance in recruiting. Surely we can afford one scholorship every 4 years to get a kicker who can put it in the end zone. He doesn't need to do anything else! I'm really pleased that we finally have one, although I don't know if he was recruited as a kicker. Does anyone know if he was?
It's Mike Meyer. And its real important, especially when you have a defense like this, for an offense like Iowa's that is not electric...its hidden yards...the offense won't have as far to move the ball.
Thanks for the correction Jon. The roster listed on the official Iowa web site listed #96 as DL Joe Forgy, but I wasn't convinced thus the ? I put after his name. There is no Mike Meyer listed on the web site roster. Any more info you could give us on him? Thanks.

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