How Does Ferentz not fire Ferentz?


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You may be right. When our recruiting is ranked 30-40 nationally and 8-10 in the B1G it is difficult to expect better. However KF has been great for Iowa football for >20 years and I am thankful for that. Norm and Phil's defense have bailed us out a bunch. I hope KF is able to help BF find a job somewhere else and then find a new OC. I hope KF is then able to have great final years as Iowa FB coach.
But the new OC would be using Kirk's offense.

#1 if we are in shotgun why not run out of the pistol so the running back is a couple steps deeper and can be moving and have some speed up when he gets the handoff plus it balances the backfield. And really I have no problem with the QB under center because the timing with handoffs and fakes with the OLine seems better even this year.