Grubb in the running for the OC job with the Seahawks

One year from now, Grubb could probably have any College head coaching job he wants.
Interesting that he's not all that gung ho about going to Bama. Maybe the pros is where he'd rather be anyway hard to say. The $ is all pretty comparable I would think so it's just about which lifestyle do you prefer. College seems like way more work between non stop recruiting and trying to mesh between developing underclassmen and having starters ready to go. Pros game is way more cut and dry with just coaching football. I wouldn't say it's easier cause the competition is as fierce as it is but there's just less that goes into it making it more singular focused for those guys.

Chip Kelly who reached out to KF early on about our gig briefly might go to Washington Commanders to be their OC. Even though he hasn't resigned from his HC gig at UCLA he can't seem to find a way to get out of there fast enough. Even if he has to be an OC instead he seems to want out of there. It was predictable KF wouldn't have wanted him they seem like oil and water.

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