Gavitt Games


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Looks like Iowa won't be particpating in the Gavitt Games this year. (Link) I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news. It all would have depended on who the opponent was going to be.

Just my 2¢ .. .. GO HAWKS!!!


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I desperately want Iowa to visit Creighton soon in this. I assumed that was a matchup that would have happened already in this.


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Iowa basically replaced the game vs Big East in the Gavitt Games with the game vs Colorado in Sioux Falls, SD.

Next year, Iowa will not compete in the third edition of the Gavitt Games, an annual challenge between the Big Ten and Big East conferences. The Hawkeyes were matched against Marquette and Seton Hall during the first two seasons. McCaffery wanted his team to face a similar test next year.

“We just felt in a year when we weren’t playing in the Big East challenge, play a game like that somewhere,” McCaffery said. “We just thought that was a terrific opportunity for a lot of reasons.