Gabby Marhall block


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For those of you that remember the great Bill Russell, a shot blocker extraordinaire in his day. I remember him saying the best shot blockers were those that not only blocked teh shot but did it in such a way that they also retrived their blocked shot.

Gabby's block and retrieval at the end of the game was a thing of beauty!
She'll go down as a Hawkeye legend.


It was exceptionally rewarding.
Read somewhere that was only her second blocked shot this season.
She's not a shot blocker. I've said before, she's the player in all of basketball (ALL OF IT) who I would least like to play against. Even the "worst rated" player in D3 or NAIA women's basketball is going to smoke me. They can dribble, pass, and shoot better than me.

But I feel like I could go up against any of them, and get lucky just once, and get past them for a chance at a layup. Marshall? One on one, or a on a team playing against Marshall, I feel like I'd get the ball and just couldn't do anything. Pass it. Shoot it. Dribble it. She'd be on me. In my face. And I'm not gonna fool her. I'd have to beat her. And I'm not gonna be able to do that. Clark would beat me 2000-2. As soon as Marshall sinks an easy layup and goes up 2-0 on me? Game's over. I've lost.
What a team win... Clark played like crap in the 1st half as far as her shooting goes. But still was her normal great distributing self. But she put her cape on in the 2nd. To come back from 8 down with 2:30 something to go and not rely on other team to be missing FTs is pretty impressive. Hell Iowa missed 3 FTs in OT that thankfully didn't end up mattering. Besides that everything that had to go right down the stretch pretty much did. Credit to Bluder and that whole team. They coulda folded their tent and just decided it wasn't their day. But they didn't quit. That's what fans love to see.

Also it wasn't like it was all Clark. Yes she scored 30 in 2nd half and OT but down the stretch it was Martin with 3 huge 3 pointers. Stuelke streaking down court like she does to get that layup (that's sure as hell not as easy to do in the 4th q as it is the 1st) Gabbie with her legs dead as can be making the defensive plays she did. It wasn't just her block and late deflection it was her denying Jazz the ball on a lot of those 2nd half possessions and she made it really tough on her. (that Jazz gal is a hell of a player 16 pts 13 assists sure ain't bad) Affolter didn't play quite as well shooting wise as she had been but she was still her normal self on the glass and overall floor game.

Iowa wasn't winning that game without everyone playing their roles almost exactly to how they should. I'm going to really miss watching them play it's been fun as all get out watching them these last 2 yrs. So lets enjoy this last ride of March Madness and see what they can do

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