Future of Black Friday


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Looks like Cincinnati vs. East Carolina and San Diego State vs. Boise State are the big Black Friday games with something on the line.

At least the Boise State game is away, so they can avoid any smurf-turf induced nausea the day after Thanksgiving.

I would say the Hawks have a little something on the line as in 10 win regular season, chance to win the West or at least tie in the Win-Loss column of the West, keep the winning streak alive against the Natty Champ/Juggernaut Bugeaters.

But give credit to thread bumper NCHawker for even remembering this thread or finding it and I think he is correct that maybe 4 or 5 games would be ok on black friday.

Even ISU and Big 12 getting in on the act and is this ISU's 2nd straight Friday game or 2nd one in the last few weeks?

Personally Black Friday games should be the only Friday games in the season and I cant believer the poor fans and players in the MAC playing on about everyday but Sunday, have you seen their scheduling????