Does KF Owe Anything To The Fans?

Well, if you wait for your first road game out of state to be against the #2 team in the country, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Maybe you should have started a little lower, like a game against Illinois.
This is exactly why I'll never dole out big cash for a game like that. no bowl games, either. The let down would be too big.

Going to regular games is fun and I'll keep doing that. I live 5 1/2 hours away, but this year was the most fun I've had with my kid, ever. He's not jaded like we are, and it was memories that a lot of people don't get with their kids. But to make a trip for something like last fuckin' way. That's a ton of money all on one expectation that you know isn't probably going to happen.

This year was my litmus test of going to a full season, and I'll do it again next year. And the money spent wasn't bad at all for 7 games. Here's what I spent...

$550 for two mobile passes
$175 for my half of a tailgate spot right off Melrose that I absolutely love. All of our neighbors are awesome and long-time residents of their spots
$305 for 1/2 of gas
$252 for 1/2 of motels
Right around $100 for food (we eat sandwiches and stuff on the way down and back, and cook @ the tailgate, no restaurants).

So less than $1,400 for two people to go to all 7 games with a guaranteed parking spot close to Kinnick with awesome neighbors. I'd do that even in a down year because my boy and I have so much fun. My dad and I didn't get the chance because my folks couldn't afford it.

But...would I ever drop a couple grand on a trip to see one game that I know we have a small chance of winning? No way Jose. Not gonna happen.
I’m a long time season ticket holder and I can relate to all that you say here. I love being in Kinnick on a sunny fall day. An Iowa win is always a bonus, but for me, I enjoy the experience win or lose.
Show me a criticism of Brian that we didn't criticize Greg Davis for, other than his last name. I promise I am almost done defending him, it's just that there's a common denominator here, and it's the other Ferentz on the staff.

Brian is a million times better than Greg Davis. It's not even close. I honestly think if we had lines as good as what Okeefe had in good years, BF would be a legendary coordinator. It's really fucking hard to call plays when your front 5 can't block a 3-4.
My wife and I went to the game in Indy. I am almost 52 years only and a lifelong Hawk fan. Outside of a game or two each year, I have never been to a bowl game or road game outside of ISU. I just could never justify the cost, especially if Iowa were to lose. It may not be the best way to look at it, but it’s how I have made my decisions in the past.

Regardless, we decided to pull the trigger and go this past weekend. We live in Kansas City so it’s a 7 1/2 hour drive. We threw in a stop in W. Lafayette for the Iowa/Purdue game. All in all an enjoyable weekend outside of the two losses.

But as I was driving home, I couldn’t help but think, this is why I don’t spend money on the hawks, because usually I’m let down. While talking to a few Michigan fans, they respect our program and our coaching staff, they know we get more out of our players than most teams in the country. They even thought Iowa could be an elite program if they just got out of their own way. They shook their heads along with me when Iowa had 2nd and 23 and ran the ball twice before punting on Saturday.

We all know KF is Uber conservative and coaches with a risk adverse attitude and relies on the defense to keep us in games. As fans, we’ve seen it for years. But it makes it extremely difficult to win the big games. But, we’ve seen the results when Brian is allowed to open up the playbook. OSU a few years ago is a great example. I do not believe for one minute KF does not limit BF in his play calling duties. Ultimately, the lack of offensive output falls on the head coach.

KF may not have any desire to please the fans, but at what point if ever will he realize he needs to be better? Or is this the best it gets, 7-12 wins per year, Kinnick seats filled, a championship game here and there and no CFP? Is the whole of the university satisfied year after year? Other teams know Iowa has the talent, but they either laugh or shake their heads or are thankful that we lack any type of productive offensive scheme when it matters. At some point there has to be more, right? How we get there is the question???

We have 20+ years of history to draw upon here. Kirks blind spot is offense. Kirk insists on excellence on defense. But he seems blind when it comes to offense. He just does not insist on excellence. He's most interested in a certain style. #blindspot.
Brian is a million times better than Greg Davis. It's not even close. I honestly think if we had lines as good as what Okeefe had in good years, BF would be a legendary coordinator. It's really fucking hard to call plays when your front 5 can't block a 3-4.

I agree. This is true. And we have a lot of history that shows Iowa's offense to be at best average, but that is rare.

maybe its just recruiting talent. maybe its really hard to recruit talent to Iowa. maybe they're just not very good at recruiting top players.

I image that recruit known as X. Iowa's coaches come to the home, ND does and OSU does too. Which staffs are comfortable and experienced talking to a 5 star player
The only fans KF owes anything to are the ones he gives free schollies, like our punter 3 years ago. That is who he owes.