Depth chart released

For the record, irrespective of Petras' injury status, I think you gotta roll with Padilla the rest of the way out.

Reevaluate in the spring? Oh, absolutely. That's part of being a successful program. I also still believe Petras could be a *much* different player with adequate line play. But here and now, it's go time. We've got three games that could easily go either way, the time is right to try something.

Padilla was decisive, accurate, and, most critically, opened up our ability to move the pocket. You've gotta go with him.

He's got a rubber arm - under ideal circumstances (i.e. with an OL that isn't struggling), that's a huge minus for me in our system. But these aren't ideal circumstances, our O is teetering on the brink. If you look at what Padilla brings to the table vs what he takes off it, it's a trade I'm willing to make (and then some).

If, at the end of the Minny game we've all been made painfully aware Padilla's NW performance was beginner's luck, ok, then reevaluate. But I'm giving him the shot to show me he is the guy he showed in the NW game.
In addition to the injury, Petras is low on confidence right now and suffers from PTSD given the crappy line play. Padilla is anxious to play and his mobility is needed given the lack of time to throw. This is win win.

And, I agree with some, that I am by no means giving up on Petras. But, Padilla is the best option right now.
This scenario really plays out well for all if you think about it. The majority of fans will get their wish of Padilla given a chance to be the starter against Minnesota due to Petras injury. On the flip side if he doesn’t play well then Kirk and Company can say told you so most likely after the loss during their press conference. This injury really allows both sides to get a chance to say told you so… will be interesting, I’m excited!
I hope I haven't sounded like a Petras hater, because I'm not. I just think the light hasn't come on for him yet and I hope he gets better and we have two guys capable of playing on Saturdays. As I see it Padilla just has a better feel for the game. In the past I felt the same way about CJ, Stanzi, and Tate. So many people say things like, well the staff plays the guy that gives Iowa the best chance of winning. Kirk and company have forfeited that assumption a long time ago. The list of All-Big 10 QBs who had to fight past the resistance of the Iowa staff is way too long, and not just at QB. I realize in a D1 program there are many factors that go into picking a starting QB that I'm never going to be privy to, I just go on my gut instinct and what I see on the field. If Padilla wins the starting spot for the rest of the season I hope Petras doesn't transfer. That is the trend though. Iowa is in a good position right now, a chance to audition and jump start an offense with a healthy QB but also the ability to go back to a proven player if he stumbles. In all likelihood Iowa is playing for a NYD bowl. I don't see Whisky losing again until Indy, and maybe not even there. The East is looking very beatable. If Iowa can finish strong, build up the offensive line over the summer, they could be very good next year. It's just a shame that this year might have been their best chance to win the West and to lose it because of an inept offense is just painful. Being not mentally ready to play Purdue will be remembered equally as much as the Penn State win.

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