Could this be KF's last shot at a Big Ten title?

Is this KF's last shot?

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Martinez looked like he was going to all Big Ten too, and sometimes was, but through his handling by Frost and constant looking over his shoulder at the "next guy" hasn't been able to win games. Plus all the hits he takes and being responsible for 90% of the offense, wait and see if the freshman can handle that next year.


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This thought has to be in the back of KF's mind. Whatever our absolute best shot is, I think we're going to see it next Saturday night against Michigan. We all know KF's not going to be here forever. No one knows exactly how much longer, but a head coach change within the next 5 years seems likely. I do think KF will go out on his terms. Personally, I think we'll have another shot before he's done.

This has been somewhat of a Cinderella season for which the ending hasn't been written yet IMO. Nobody predicted we would be in this position three months ago. No matter what happens, I'm proud of my Hawkeyes, but just once I'd like to see them win a big game in the spotlight and KF crying tears of joy after a win. It just seems like every time we've found ourselves in this position in the past we've folded.

It's about damn time we break the schneid fellas. GO HAWKEYES!
This Cinderella season has also got me wondering if maybe we win out. This offense, has sucked quite often but yet against all detractors and opponents it wins when it has to, and is getting better as we watch. Could be some really good surprises yet in store for Hawkeyenation, I'm gonna have a front row seat!

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