Column: Iowa Football '23 Documentary Worthy

I hope one of the team members or a coach kept a journal or diary on the season. There are now three games left to reach a climax to this season.
Here's one for you: who are the Washed Up Walkons from this group?

The WUWs got notoriety because they had inside baseball information, but of course the WUWs are long removed from the locker room at this point (perhaps WUWs should have a rotating cast like Menudo?).

If it has to be walkons, I supposed Evans, Schulte, and Fisher. If you open it up to any graduating seniors, it seems like Ragaini is a candidate.

I would love to hear from Logan Lee, Jay Higgins, and Tory Taylor, but they will be busy with their NFL careers.
It totally could be. I'm here for it. And yeah there's some chapters yet to be written perhaps the biggest. ESPN however seems more likely to make fun of Iowa then they ever are to praise them so I'd maybe lean towards Tom Rinaldi who's with Fox now. I bet he'd gobble it all up.