Caption this pic

Seriously, what the F is he doing. Nobody else is even close to clapping. Lol.

He's trying to impress a portal prospect.

Brian: "I started up on his six, when he pulled through the offensive line, and then I moved in above him."

Portal Prospect: "Well, If you were directly above him, how could you see him?"

Brian: "Because I was inverted."

Cade "Iceman" McNamara: *coughs* "B-----t!"
BF - I took her in my arms, went in for a kiss while I slapped her on the a$$. She then yipped and bit me in the face.

Cade - I wonder if that blonde is looking at me

Mr S - I'm gonna kick his a$$.....that was my dog he was trying to smootch!
When I got to Mr. Skeptical and looked and saw him, that was funny as .........! Well done.

Cade is confident like F yea.
Brian is praying.
Mr. Skeptical is proud he could put a whole pouch of Red Man in his jowl!

Brian is holding an invisible crucifix:

Mumbling fervently: Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Lord, Thank you, My Savior

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