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I've always thought CJ had the skills to be a professional QB. He looked real good (against 3rd team pro defenses) in his first two preseason games for San Francisco.

Then came the third preseason game against the Vikings where C.J. played against the second team Viking defense and played most of the second half. One of his first passes was intercepted when the ball bounced off the hands of his receiver after the receiver was being hit and landed into the hands of a Viking defender. That interception seemed to rattle C.J. for most of his stint in the Viking game. He overthrew the ball to wide open targets. I remember a wide open Kittle about 20 yards down the field that C.J. overthrew by about 5 yards. Later on when another pass was called, there seemed to be no 49er receiver open and C.J. seemed to panic, pull his head down and start to run. Oh, and he hasn't learned how to slide yet. He'd better learn if he plans to play in the NFL. He's just not that fast.

Sunshine C,J.? I dunno.

Hope he improves. I think he's made the team.
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I was at the game in Minny. The "interception" was bogus because he hit the receiver right on the numbers, in stride, and the guy took one step and the defender put a helmet right on the ball....not sure how that qualifies as an INT, but whatever.

The one to Kittle was just a flat out miss. Great play fake on a stretch play and he rolled around and had Kittle wide open, but being on the move, the ball sailed on him.

The screen play was textbook CJ though....sucked in the defense and the receiver did the rest. But it was pretty much like his TD pass to Wadley in the Michigan game....he's awesome in the screen game.
Today is cutdown day. If I were CJ, I'd be on pins and needles all day. Doesn't he have a pretty big contract for him playing on the practice squad?
Why would he be on pins and needles? He's the #2 QB. It's Barkley who is on pins and needles....
Congrats to CJ! I know it had to be a tough decision to take CJ, Barkley, or keep three QBs on the 49er roster for Shanahan and his staff. I wonder if the Beathard family put pressure on the staff of San Francisco?:)
49ers held to three Gould FG today in another loss. Hoyer put up a tepid 99 yards passing. Beathard better stay ready.
How long can the 49ers stick with Hoyer? He has been straight garbage the first two games.

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