Bowls versus playoffs


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Advocate here for a playoff system in college FB. Too many know-nothings voting these days, deciding on who should play in the NC game and who is #1. It's adulterated, it's stupid. (Lest you forget, remember the non-love Iowa was getting last year when we were 9-0...we would have been the 2009 version of Auburn had we won out IMO).

My reasons why a playoff systems would work as follows:

#1--You can still have all of your obtuse, meaningless, 6-6 team vs 6-6 team bowl games with a playoff. Only difference is the #9 team and below won't be in the playoff. The playoff teams would be able to play up to 3 games.

#2--People say the tourney is what separates the NFL from the NCAA, in a good way. Have you forgotten about the NCAA basketball tourney?

#3--Give the playoffs (8 team) an honest 3 year run. If it doesn't work, you can always go back to the 'old way.'

My bottom line....decide it on the field....not in the hands of know-nothing sports writers and homerism-coaches.
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There would be very little to complain about when it came to an 8 team playoff but how bout this. 4 Team playoff. 3 of the 4 Teams must have the label Conference Champion. The 4th would be the next best BCS team. It's not a perfect system but it maintains the importance/drama of the regular season and cuts the fat. I hate the idea of a National Champion that has lost more than once. I know it kinda shafts the non BCS schools which is a fault but somebody is gonna get screwed.

Here's what we pry would have had the last few years.
2009: Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, Florida or TCU or Boise State
2008: Florida, Oklahoma, USC, Texas or Alabama
2007: LSU, Ohio State, West Virginia, Oklahoma (screw it, can we forget this year happened)
2006: Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, USC
2005: Texas, USC, Penn State, Ohio State
If we go to four super conferences, I like:

Conf championship teams (8 of them) automatically qualify for the 8-team playoff.

Seed the of the champ games get a #1 seed. #1 plays a #2 at #1's home field for the first game...(and NOT the team they just beat).

Semi's and final's rotated throughout the "big" bowl venues.

The will decide the national champ on the field.
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I think you have to go 8. Look at last year deciding between TCU, Boise St. Florida. What about Big Ten Champion OSU and Pac 10 Champion Oregon. You have to have 6 Conference Champions and 2 at large (BCS). Or if Mega conferences happen you can have 4 mega conference champs and 4 at large (BCS).