BIG Tourney...

Terrible idea. That mall houses one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure in Iowa City, no, in the entire State of Iowa. That Taco Bell that is open super late. If that Taco Bell is displaced all hell will break loose.
That Taco Bell has been long gone for ages. It's been Noodles for probably a decade.
No, it can't be. You're lying. What in the hell are the kids supposed to eat after drinking? Did the city council approve this?
Pancheros. Mesa Pizza (crap, but the drunks don't care). Marcos grilled cheese. George's gyros. I think there's still a walking taco food cart or something. A handful of bars have started serving late-night food too for the kids. I know Joe's does.
Any updates on Anthony? I was hoping for some sort of resolution or answers. It's been crickets since the announcement of the investigation.
Any updates on Anthony? I was hoping for some sort of resolution or answers. It's been crickets since the announcement of the investigation.
Whole lotta crickets... I get the impression it may be awhile yet too... I wouldn't be surprised if we have no idea about the football side of it either till week 1 when all of a sudden the list of dudes they won't play will be put out. To be fair to the coaches they really need to put that out for them prior to summer camp in late July/early Aug to know what's what. Do the kids themselves know already? Have they all been individually told by the state FBI or whatever? It sucks it really does because I get the feeling they'll be a handful of impactful players affected by this. Just hope they aren't out for too long.

Granted the school is who's decided to hold Anthony out. They are doing so preemptively till when the investigation is done and they decide what's what. The school just doesn't want to be playing a kid with that hanging out there.
Yeah, very odd. I don't like the rumor mill, but a friend of mine seems to think he is done. Not sure where his source was or if it even has legitimacy. But it was odd because he also mentioned Decker the QB for Iowa State is also done. Just seems odd. Although, I will say the U of I has always taken a fairly conservative stance when it comes to investigations and the NCAA and etc.

As for the football team, KF has always played things close to the vest and is tight lipped about his players and anything from injuries to their status.
I don't get holding him out for this. A school will hold a kid out if there are eligibility issues. Grades, transcripts, amaturism issues, etc. Because, if you play an ineligible player, you forfeit the game. See Reggie Bush. I have never understood that violating a gambling policy impacts your eligibility to compete. Its like an assault allegation. A school can hold a kid out if criminal charges are pending, but if they don't, and the kid is later convicted, the games are not forfeited because the kid was eligible when he played them. Now, if a violation/conviction is found, the player can be punished, of course, but that is a prospective deal, not retroactive.

So, because I don't think the University is risking anything if he is allowed to play, the allegations are probably not light and breezy. :( Hope I am wrong.

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