BF appreciation thread (favorite calls)

These 3 successive plays just don't look like anything we have seen over the last 3 years. It really makes me think that our offensive personnel has just gotten so bad, our coaches know this, and everything over the last 3 years has just been mitigation strategy.

It is the 2019 bowl game against USC. This is what everyone(including Kirk and Brian) envisioned this offense to be. Obviously, it didn’t play out that way. Go back and watch that bowl game, you wonder what happened to that Kirk, what happened to that Brian?

Granted, that USC defense was super soft, but you see the jet sweep motion with ISM and you could tell Brian was in the lab dialing up shit. So what happened between then and now?
Beating a dead horse here, but they decided to lean on defense and special teams. Probably don't even emphasize offense much in spring and preseason workouts.. Dolph and Eddie speculated out loud in the Minnesota game that Kirk would rather have the opposition inside its own five than have his own offense at midfield. He is willing to sacrifice time of possession as opposed to putting his inept offense on the field.

What Kirk didn't plan on was his QB fumbling twice and throwing throwing a critical pick. That was too much for even this defense ro overcome.
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Watching the pass plays, notice Stanley is untouched and unhurried in a nice pocket.
Have seen little or none of that from our current OL.
Of course we had A Jackson, Wirfs and Lindebaum on that OL. Three gentlemen who doing pretty well for themselves in the NFL theae days.
The two Cooper punt returns for TD's are my favorite calls

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