Ava Jones update

You can't help but root for Ava. She has a tough road ahead. Hopefully one day she will step onto the court at CHA as a Hawkeye.
My heart goes out to Ava and her family. This whole scenario is gut wrenching and I'll be cheering like mad for her is she ever gets herself in position to someday step on the court at CHA.
Ava tweeted yesterday that she is signing her Iowa Letter of Intent tomorrow, Wednesday, at her Nickerson HS at 3:30 CT. She invited anyone interested to come on down. I'd guess there would be some media coverage. Gannett owns the Hutchinson newspaper just down the road so maybe they could send a crew and share it with Hawk Central and the DM Register.

Someone tweeted, there were lots of Hawkeye responses, that someone needs to get an Ava NIL going. I agree that makes a lot of sense and I'd guess it'd be popular, I'd buy.
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