Are the Brands becoming Fran and Kirk?

Considering he's got three national titles, possibly.

There are worse things in life than three firsts and a second. I do know how passionate parents are towards wrestling sons and daughters, perhaps more so than any other sport.

I've been to all day Saturday high school round Robin's in the middle of the season and seen how passionate those can get.

Can only imagine what the state tournament is like. @Fryowa can't tell us, he's never been to Des Moines:)

Seeing Spencer's mom reminded me of Iowa’s Duane Goldman in 1985. Finishing second for the third time in Stillwater, he stormed out to the lobby, picked up a metal trash container, and chucked it through a plate glass window.

With one more chance to make it happen, and in Iowa City no less, Goldman got his gold in 1986. Downtown was a nut house that weekend. Damage included, but was not limited to, a no parking street sign uprooted from the ground and deposited through a first floor window in Currier Hall.
State tourny is insane with passionate fans and wrestlers. Smaller schools might only bring 1 or 2 wrestlers to State. Yet they will bring truckloads of fans. Something just have to see for yourselves. I better check with fryiowa to make sure i have been to the State wrestling tournaments in Des Moines.
I think Brands has done very well for the state of wrestling in general. The HWC is doing well. UFC affiliation. and while it's tough to deal with, we are still a Top 3 wrestling program. Penn State gave Cael a blank check. He has done well with it. But I would argue Brands has done a very good job as well.

When Gable was at the reigns, it was basically Okie State and Iowa. I think there is much more parody in the sport than 15 years ago. You saw Nebby make a run in the Big Ten's. Cornell represented well in the Nationals.

Programs are growing and evolving. A program gets a few studs and it builds momentum for someone to jump in. Being there year after year, is tough. I don't like taking second to Penn State, but right now, it is what it is.

As for Lee, this was crippling to watch. Ramos kid is a stud and actually had Spencer on his back in their dual meet until Spencer turned it around. There have been a few occassions where Lee has put himself in spots, but was able to work out of them.

This time he got caught. Those things are going to happen. It's wrestling.
I'm hoping T&T are seeing all we see and more and had plans to improve in all of these areas where we are getting whooped by the current superpower Penn State. Recruiting better in the upper weights, as well as development of these weights, improving our injury rate during the season, and the reduction in offensive scoring. The new facility is going to help considerably, and recruiting to me looks good in the near future. I don't see anyone that would do better job then T&T, as long as they are open to change required, continuous improvement. And I am certain that they are.
Anthony Ferrari has committed and it sounds like AJ may be coming too. So Brands is definitely not like Kirk and Fran…they wouldn’t take someone facing a felony sexual battery charge.

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