Another Brock Harding in the making?


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The skills are nice but the behavior is lousy. For anyone....that coach/dad needed to bench him and teach him some manners, not high-five him. That kind of behavior should never be encouraged.


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Kid like that may hit his growth spurt in 8th grade and never top 5'6. A long ways to go. But, if he continues on his current trajectory, opposing high school fan bases should start their hate clubs for this cocky little shit now.


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Our town had a kid just like that across all sports. By high school end he was about 5ft 5 and 300 pounds. No kidding. Unbelievable savvy. His parents divorced and life went south.


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I could barely shoot from the FT line semi consistently at that age. It was 7th grade when I kinda started to shoot out to the 3 pt line a little bit and 8th grade where I did it alot. Never came close to having the handle he seems to have. I was like 5'5 120 in 7th grade sprouted up to 5'8 in 8th and didn't gain an ounce and that's where I was till I was damn near 30 haha.

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