Angry Iowa Gets Auburn in Big Dance

Get to the rim....yes that's what you do when the shots don't fall.

Iowa has handicaps.

From a shooting perspective, like it or not some teams sag 1, 2, and sometimes 3 defenders back to keep Iowa away from the rim.

Like it or not, most teams are never going to take CM seriously from the arc...or even closer.

Flip is never going to be a threat from the arc.

PM can be but he's never moving left to shoot or get to the hoop. To the right he is pretty good. He's never shooting over someone one going up with him and neither is CM cause they were never taught. Just doesn't happen.

These are the keys to Iowas shooting issues. So it's really not about bad team shooting , its about one person not named them missing and guards, Murray or Sandfort having road blocks to the rim as defenders don't take that seriously.

Bruce Pearle will know this . The game will be a scrum.
I would think Pearle has seen what everyone else has seen with this Iowa team.. they can be taken to rim off the dribble. Haven’t seen much of Auburn but if they solid guards we could be in trouble.
That would have been brutal and boring prior to a shot clock.

My sister had a coach who attempted to do that in her 6 on 6 HS game against a team with a stud offensive player. 6 on 6 with no shot clock and a stalling team. Two dribbles...............pass.................two dribbles.............pass. So brutal to witness, but an interesting strategy.
6 on 6 was painful enough to watch as is. Can't imagine it with stall ball. So glad Iowa HS went to shot clock.