Am I alone here

Not against what he did. Actually, for years I've been wanting him to give the backups more PT when we are comfortably ahead. My point is he has not done that for years. Nor has he gone for a cheap TD with the game in hand.

For sure, I have as well. The contract defintely dictated that, I just am pointing out that no matter what they do, they can't really win when it comes to the stupid contract stipulation.
Take a knee at the 15 in the opener? Haha, didn't get past 25 points.

A walk-on scores a TD with 30 seconds left? Haha, running it up to save Brian.

Iowa can't really win here either way they do it, one last parting PR gaf from ole summer teeth that's going to last all season.
You can’t fix stupid. Or trolls.

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