Adrian Clayborn vs AJ Epenesa

I thought Clayborn just got gassed his senior year. So much was expected of him. The double teams and being out there every down. It just got to be too much. He was a world class pass rusher....and still is at the NFL level.

Kinda why I was always a huge fan of keeping AJ fresh and not playing him every down. Because of Adrian
That seems to be partly true as I can remember him just looking a little less aggressive. However he may have the most sacks in any NFL game by a Hawkeye when he had 6 vs the Dallas cowboys a couple years back.

Clayborn was a little hurt and much overused and tired his senior year and when the season went south after OSU won in the last minutes and Kinnick much of the team turned it down a notch as we saw against jNW that same year.

I will say in that 2009 game at PSU Clayborn just lifted their left tackle off the ground and pushed him back two yards with one arm, amazing and then he blew in to make the play. He had a helluva an Orange Bowl that year.
AJ has a little bit of an Aaron Donald vibe going on
This is what I've thought all along. He can play all 4 spots across the front and can be very dominant in all 4 spots. He's a natural strongside DE, but can really use his body, quickness, strength, and brains to take over a game from so many different spots, like Donald.

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