Abysmal is the only word I could think of


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Finally got to watch the whole thing. Padilla releases the ball in three seconds, makes decisions quickly, and can run the bootleg.

He put most of his balls on target. Hits guys in stride on crossing routes, and fits balls in tight windows.Puts a little too much air under the ball on long throws. He was plagued by drops in the second half.

He didn't do enough to outright win the job away from Petras, but did enough that Petras's leash should be short if Petras goes three and out over and over again in the first quarter of any start.

Thought Brian made some really strange decisions, running the four minute offense at 5+ minutes in a two-score game, not using the bootleg enough, and not having Goodson in there with 2+ minutes to go.

The defense did not tackle well in the 4th quarter, and the zone coverage in the middle of the field got a little sloppy. NW was helped on their TD drive by a questionable PI, and Jones missed a bomb from Padilla due to being held.

That TD pass that was dropped just has to be caught.

17 points against NW is frustrating, but at least the offense looked capable of moving the ball this week. Have to clean up those drops.

Punt protection on the block was a missed assignment. Iowa got very lucky there.

The end of the 1st half was inexplicable from a clock-management standpoint, should have at least gotten 3 before half.

A nice effect of having Padilla in the game was that NW was forced to put 6 in the box, giving Iowa a little room to run the ball.

LaPorta did not have his best game blocking today, other than the downfield block on NW safety leading Goodson's late big run.

Bruce had a hell of a game. He needs more targets going forward.

Glad it was a W. Let's go get the Goophers.
Well said, although I disagree on QBs. Padilla showed me enough in a game situation I’d like to see him start the rest of the way. His quick release, accuracy and mobility pose challenges for opposing D’s that Petras simply cannot.


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Drew Tate against LSU...and that was also partially caused by dumb luck on bone-headed Ferentz clock management.
Well that definetly wasnt a hail mary a hail mary is were you throw the ball in the end zone and hope your guy catches it. That was hitting a guy on a go route at about the 15 yard line in a complete blown coverage.