A Jackson

Well now that you mention it, yea I could see Harbaugh doing that. :)

yeah, i could too - :)

but i don't think that is the case here. read the article someone else posted in another thread - i'm sure the michigan thing gave him something to consider, but the coach said he knew where he was going even after that offer.
I know I'll get blasted for this but I don't believe that was the case. Why would Michigan pull a much better offensive tackles offer (Swenson)? I hear all these people say Alarics ceiling is higher I'm sorry but stars are what matter.

Stars are what matters? Not always, unless you are getting a bunch of top guys.

Seeing promise and developing it are what matters...for Iowa.
I'm very excited about Jackson's potential. If Harbaugh thought he was good enough to offer after rescinding offers to higher rated recruits then I feel pretty good.
When it comes to recruiting and stars, I have always viewed it as 5 stars = most ready to play day 1. 2 stars = most development / growth time needed.

Ceiling = 30% natural ability 70% work ethic and desire.

I believe this is true across the board as far as positions go, but admittedly a little less true with greater skill positions.

So when I see a team like Iowa getting 3 star guys, I don't sweat it much. What it means to me is that there are teams that are going to be deeper than us and more likely to have a couple difference makers that we don't.

We can't sustain a run of seasons like last year and take the next step without getting a few of those guys and staying healthy. But we can do very well and continue to climb.