A few Classless Fans need to get a grip

If the coaches are being completely honest (and if only Kirk would be with getting someone that knows offense to actually run the offense) would to be what you suggest. Both of them going would force the coaches to go to the portal to get better talent at this position. Both of these guys are not the answer in all reality.
The way I look at It is We need to get rid of the quarterback coach o 'Keefe, and BF.. Petras and Pedia r only trying to do what their coaches r telling them to do.. Yes their skill set is not great But you gotta look at who their coaches are
Yeah, but it happens. The QB is throwing to a spot. We don't know why he missed. Maybe the WR got held on the line or bumped off his route. Maybe the WR ran the wrong route. Maybe the pocket collapsed and he had to throw a hair early.
I don't think a receiver running wide open across the middle of the field is a spot throw. Petras had no pressure that I saw. He just simply missed the throw. I understand you might throw it a bit behind maybe a bit in front of him but the throw was just so far off the mark it was WTH. I will watch the replay at some point and maybe something will change my mind but what I saw was just an awful throw.
The way I look at It is We need to get rid of the quarterback coach o 'Keefe, and BF.. Petras and Pedia r only trying to do what their coaches r telling them to do.. Yes their skill set is not great But you gotta look at who their coaches are
I would take that option as well.
Also this.

If my kid were in that position I wouldn’t touch twitter with a ten foot pole. If I did I’d be spending 12 hours a day trying to find the addresses of random Twitter idiots so I could burn their houses down. Would not be a healthy thing.

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There are things he doesn't do well, but

Who has coached him to this current level?
Who has worked to help him improve/perfect his fundamentals (throwing, footwork, etc.)?
Who puts him on the field?
Who calls the plays for him?
Who coaches the players around him?
Who has taught him his progressions?
Who taught him to read a defense?

Petras is not the answer to any of those questions. The only thing he can do is to tell the coaches he's not good enough and doesn't want to play.

One more question: Who throws the interceptions?

He has 14 interceptions in 20 career games. 3 yesterday, one on a hail mary and one as he was being hit. He had 4 against Purdue when he played like crap and 3 in his 2nd career game vs. NW, didn't play well in that game, but wasn't awful. In those 3 games, 1 int led to a TD and 1 to a fg. That leaves 4 interceptions in the other 17 games. We were 4-0 in those games.

Am I saying he's great? No.

Am I saying he's the one that should take the blame for his performance? No.

Am I saying dickheads should be ripping him like they have been on social media? No.
The lack of progressions is the most telling thing to me. I commented a number of times early in the season that he doesn’t go through any progressions. Even when given time, he locks on to one guy, causing him to not even notice slow developing blitzes for ugly sacks because his cone of vision never went past one guard or the other on a given play. That improved a bit late in the season, but it shouldn’t take you almost twenty starts at the FBS level to even begin reading a defense and progressing sometimes to your second read. Obviously Petras hasn’t developed, and neither did Stanley. Whatever quarterback coaching apparatus presently exists needs to be seriously reevaluated in the coming weeks.
We need to flush our offensive staff and hire a bunch of young, hungry coaches. Wait, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Crazy talk, I know.
These so called fans are the ones who need to leave. Period. We can all see and talk about player mistakes with our small group we watch games with but we do not need to go ripping them on open social media.
I always said rip the performance not the person. Plus give credit for good play as well. The two scoring drives were beautiful and he had a nice drive until he panicked on the last play. He is still young as a QB and I would hate to lose his experience. That being said I would like someone to actually have a chance to beat him out in the sping. Personal attacks are the work of weak minds.
it ultimately comes back to the coaches...he wouldn't be in this place if somebody on our staff had a clue how to assemble and run an offense that worked for the QB put into it.

Iowa QBs have always been the scapegoat for KFz's offensive ineptitude
Only clueless idiots would take personal shots at Petras, definitely they're not legitimate Hawkeye football fans. Spencer has more athletic ability in his pinky than most of these armchair idiots do. These young men should not be subjected to personal jabs like this. The Hawkeyes need to play the best guy they can field at QB and we should support them best we can, no pot shots. I do hope Spencer either improves or we find that next best guy for the offensive progress we need, but I'll never boo or take shots at these young men, ever.

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