#4 Iowa - #14 Indiana Game Thread

Stuelke really wasn't smart. Continuing to try to go the the basket against someone much larger. Kept getting stuffed. A quick fake or other move would have resulted in points...but it didn't happen.
I also didn't like when Davis and Clark drove the paint....they would have had easy jump shot at the basket. Instead they would pass that up for a contested lay-up.
I think the other thing is Iowa gets ton of looks from their transition game. When they can run the floor, they get so many points off that. Stuelke comes to mind when she runs the floor and Clark finds her, but when teams are getting back, they can D up against us and it is much tougher to get our points beyond Clark. Teams will also do their best to lock up CC and force the pass and we were terrible last night shooting.

Monica was so underrated with her post work and her ability to pass. The chemistry she had with CC and her ability to find open shooters from the post was incredible. Granted she did not rebound well, but honestly were not much better rebounding from our bigs this year.

I agree, we are either going to have to shoot well when they pack it in or we are in trouble. Someone else has to step up. CC can't be our one trick pony. Even if her numbers are still good, teams will allow her to go off and shut everyone else down.

Physicality seems to be another issues. Our bigs are not fleet of foot. Goodman seems to have the physicality and ability to hit the boards but isn't much on the offensive end. O'Grady has the shot blocking but neither are really good with any athletic big.

It didn't help last night we shot 18% from 3 point land and Indiana shot 82% in the second half. Chalk it up and figure it out. That's all we can do.

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