2023 Iowa FB Portal Thread

I think KF pines for a time when a chubby, unathletic QB could drop back, sit in the pocket, hit a guy in stride, but only have to do that 20 times a game to win 20-17. The Dan Fouts era is long dead. It died when the Manning brothers and Brady retired. Proof of its death is in the form of Mac Jones. The Terminator moment (thrashing in the molten steel) for this era is Kirk Cousins and his legacy of long-term mediocrity that is about to finally fizzle out.

Stanley, Petras, Hill are just slightly skinnier versions of Long. You have to be so good to win with guys like that and none of them are even all that average. Even Long stunk in the pros. There is just so little margin for error when you can't scramble a lick.

The only solution is for KF to hire a young, creative OC and leave him the F alone to move this offense out of the 80s. That does not have to mean spread and throw it 50 times a game. But, it does mean a more athletic QB and more creativity in the offense.
The thing about being a statuesque qb is you need everything else to be great around you. Not ok. Not just good enough but they need to be great. Coaching, situational play calling, weapons and Oline. It all has to be great to overcome what the QB can't. So when the OC stinks all the way around and the Oline is suspect and WRs aren't explosive even a great statue of a qb can't overcome that enough to move the ball let alone put points on the board. Iowa has won despite that due to Parker and the D/Woods and special teams as we all know.

Against better teams the rubber meets the road and continuing to win this way is extremely problematic. It won't continue to work against top 20-25 teams at all. Every game we play is a close 1 play either way can swing it type of thing against bad teams. KF knows all this he's not an idiot. He's just been stubborn and wanted his kid to succeed so bad he wasn't going to change...
Labas declared for portal (no surprise)
Also Jackson Filer
Filer leaving kind of surprised me only because he's a legacy kid. Not sure if he's put on some weight but he's on the smaller side and maybe playing DE in the 230s was problematic for him getting in there some. He may have found out this level was going to be tough for him to play at and will go down a level.
Michigan and Northwestern lose none to the portal. For a program like Michigan that’s crazy.

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