Install uBlock Origin or Disconnect.me. Either one should work. Disconnect.me will also block Facebook / Twitter / Google buttons, videos, etc., so you may need to whitelist those from time to time.
I spoke too soon. Disconnect.me worked for a while but now it doesn't. I scanned my HD for JWPlayer.exe an couldn't find it. I looked at the page code and believe it's embedded in it. I even ran Malware Bytes on my machine and 12UP nor JWPlayer came up. It appears it's another way of getting ads on this site. I just shut the sound off on 12UP and JWPlayer and it doesn't annoy me quite as much.
If you're using an Android phone, first you have to get F-Droid. It's not in the Google Store, but you can download and install it separately. Once you have F-Droid, find the app DNS66. Since I've installed that I haven't seen ads in any app. And my phone is not slowed by DNS66.
I tried both of those, neither worked for me. Guess I'll just get my Hawkeye news somewhere else.