1 or 2 plays of the year


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Lets set aside the DeJean punt return vs minny. I'd like you to tell me quickly, what 1 or 2 plays made you get up and cheer last season?
With score tied 16-16 in 4Q against MSU, DeJean returns punt for TD to put Iowa up 23-16. Iowa ends up winning 26-16.
Any snap not taken by Hill

Yes he struggled but it’s not like he was struggling on purpose. It will be interesting to see if he improves with a head OC who truly has first hand experience and success as a QB. Hopefully whoever is the starter next year I hope they can avoid injuries.

Personally I’d rather see a young dual threat type of QB take his lumps and learn and grow as a QB. Speed and elusiveness in a QB brings a whole different set of challenges for a defense and just by nature opens up passing lanes and running lanes. Makes the defense second guess what is coming.

Many called for a change at QB with Brad Banks sitting on the sidelines. No change was made that whole season as fans were very frustrated with the stubbornness of the head coach.

Brad then plays the next season and eventually ends up being a Heisman runner up and given the Davey O'Brien award.

That award is to recognize the player chosen as the best QB in college football for that given year.
Good choice. This one too, although it seems like it wasn't last season. First game of the year, it actually looked like we might have an offense in the works. Talk about false hopes.

Yes, instead of play of the year, I would call that that first TD against Utah St the most misleading play of the year.

Although that game did establish the pattern that Iowa's offense only moved on its first 2 drives of the game, and then went into the tank the rest of the game, except for maybe 1 run a game by Williams or Kaleb where they break free.
After being reminded of some of this, I take back my earlier post, which was completely serious about when I made it. But you all refreshed me a bit.

3. Dadman's right. The stuck punts, collectively. I'm sure there were some safeties. I know there was a blocked punt after the defense held. Either was a TD or lead to one. I think I was at that game.
2. Guffus' entry of the goal line stand vs. NW. At Wrigley. With the holes in the turf 18" deep. Pretty memorable.
1. DeJean's return. ***

*** Since that that sucked it's not eligible. I submit a new #1.
Guffus...again FTW....

It's a tie:
Less than a minute, tied at 10, Hill tosses an interception to Nebraska...

1 (tie) Hurkett intercepts Chubba.
1 (tie) Williams busts a goodly run for 20 yards putting them in chip shot range for the win by the backup kicker.

Awfully bleak season.

Honorable mention:
Ortwerth's 50+ yard catch against Rutgers(? or was it Maryland?) when they were briefly down to like their 5th string, freshman tight end.
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People have forgotten Deacon Hill in his first game against Michigan State, dropping back, drifting to the left throwing deep to Eric All who was breaking across the field in the same direction making the catch on the sideline.. A long play.
The opening TD to Anderson. Just a wonderful play. Receiver breaks wide open. The QB finds him on the second read and throws a catchable ball, that was caught for a TD. Looked like the screw had turned. Unfortunately, we only got to see 8 more times in the next 13 games.

While I was checking that number, turned out to be on more than I thought, I looked rushing numbers. Marco Lainez out gained every Iowa QB in the prior three seasons, collectively. Labas was the only in positive numbers-in his one game +11. The rest were only Hill and Stanzi were in the negative numbers. Its actually good for Lainez because he will have a huge advantage in an offense that Lester thinks provides the QB with opportunities to run.