#1 Iowa - #1 South Carolina National Championship Game Thread

I have a standing event at 3. I didn't cancel it. These last few games...it's bad. I don't handle it well. I'm a wreck. I'm pathetic. I know I shouldn't be this way. Can't help it. Worse than any Hawkeye football game I've ever seen. Worse than Warner's first Super Bowl. Worse than watching Michael Phelps. Worse than Blues Stanley Cup.

I will be checking my phone. Probably watching if it's close. Me watching won't effect the outcome. I know this. But, of course that doesn't stop me from not wearing Hawk gear, cause it seems like they lost every time I did. Also, wearing gray Hanes. Cause that's what i was wearing last Sunday and Friday.

My joy or contented sorrow won't be any different if I watch live. But my pulse will be. I won't have shaky hands. None of us saw the Miracle on Ice live. I was in the faux wood paneled family truckster with Mom, picking up my brother at the Y when they broke into the music on the radio to do constant updates over the last few minutes of the USSR game.

I'm absolutely pathetic. I admit it.
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We beat the Angel, let her get her points and foul out

If we put Gabby on their sharpshooter and hold her in check

We B The National Champs

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