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  1. Hawkeye27

    Marvin McNutt Making a name for himself as a Dolphin in Training Camp

    Hey all, It has been a while. Marvin McNutt is proving to be a good pick up off waivers. I have a feeling that O'keefe stuck his neck out for him and McNutt isn't disappointing. According to some dolphin practice observations, Marvin lead the receivers with 5 catches on the day and showed...
  2. Hawkeye27

    McNutt finally activated!

    Marvin McNutt has finally been activated after 12 weeks on the practice squad. Foles has a lot of good to say about him and his maturity as a receiver as he learns to read defenses. Eagles activate McNutt from practice squad
  3. Hawkeye27

    McNutt Fighting for PT not roster spot

    Marvin McNutt: Eagles Receiver Showing Why He Was Drafted : Philadelphia Eagles McNutt has shown a differnet side once pads have come on, solidifying why he should be there and capitalizing on Cooper's collarbone injury. Can't wait to see him play.
  4. Hawkeye27

    McNutt talks transition from qb to wr in college.

    Here is just another little clip of McNutt talking about how he transitioned in colelge from qb to wr. Rookie Spotlight: Marvin McNutt
  5. Hawkeye27

    Marvin McNutt one on one.

    McNutt credits Iowa for his ability to stay mentally focused and keeping Mentally in-shape. He also proposed to his girlfriend before camp, which he said makes it easier to focus during camp, knowing those things are taken care of. He said he was a guy that wanted to play in college, and...
  6. Hawkeye27

    Marvin McNutt Phone call

    A phone interview with Marvin McNutt about being drafted, and his experience. He would label his gameplay as a "playmaker." My favorite part of the interview was when they asked Marvin if he played the slot at Iowa. He must have been distracted. Marvin McNutt On The Phone
  7. Hawkeye27

    McNutt predicted for major role

    An article on bleacher report on backups for the eagles who will be a major role listed McNutt as one of the shining stars. The writer praised McNutt considerably, jokingly saying "If I say anything more to laud the play of young wideout Marvin McNutt, I might as well quit my day...
  8. Hawkeye27

    McNutt impresses at Mandatory Minicamp

    Marvin McNutt looked good today in mandatory minicamp. According to an eagles blogger, "Marvin McNutt made a nice catch today. He had a safety draped all over him (I think it was Bonner), and was able to out-muscle him for the catch. Good hands." McNutt is showing why he was a good...
  9. Hawkeye27

    McNutt vs. Cooper Eagles OTA update

    While no new news has surfaced on McNutt's performance since my last OTA update of McNutt, there has been some information about Cooper, the other receiver most say is fighting with McNutt for playing time, and perhaps his job. They are both big bodied receivers. Today on inside the eagles, it...
  10. Hawkeye27

    McNutt Catches everything in OTA's

    Apparently Marvin McNutt has been catching everything thrown his way during OTA's. Including a deep ball from Michael Vick. Doesn't look like McNutt missed a beat after trading in his Hawk wings for Eagle wings. McNutt was seen taking first and second team reps at the slot receiver position...
  11. I0WA

    Who would you rather have. Kirk Cousins or Marvin McNutt

    Michigan St. QB Kirk Cousins grew up a die hard Hawkeye fan. His whole life he dream't of playing for the Hawks but instead another QB named Marvin McNutt got the scholarship and cousins was eventually picked up by State. If you could go back and change things would you rather have McNutt or...