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    Iowa vs. Iowa State Game Unenjoyable for Many Hawkeye Fans

    Iowa vs. Iowa State: Rivalry Game Dreaded by Some Hawkeye Fans : Big 10 Football From article: I think it’s mainly because I can’t ever remember thinking that Iowa was truly outmatched against against Iowa State. Even in down years, Iowa has a very good chance of winning. So with that comes...
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    CyHawkThoughts: Week 2

    Steve & Chuck assess week 1 and give their predictions for week 2. Part 1 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 1) » Caffeinated Thoughts Part 2 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 2) » Caffeinated Thoughts
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    Poorman's Version of Deace and Miller

    There is a part 2 as well. CyHawkThoughts – Week 1 (Part 1) » Caffeinated Thoughts