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    2011 Hawkeye Preview

    This person says 10-2 Hawk Thoughts: Iowa Football Preview » Caffeinated Thoughts
  2. I0WA

    I dont like the preseason love Iowa is getting

    It seems like ESPN and is giving Iowa waaayy to much preseason hype. #1 Defensive Line? I'm okay with that. #1 team with best chances to win a National Title? What?! I'm a little heisitant with that. #1 Special Teams?! Oh god, Ryan Donahue is a beast at punter,but Murray? I get scared...
  3. I0WA

    Who would you rather have. Kirk Cousins or Marvin McNutt

    Michigan St. QB Kirk Cousins grew up a die hard Hawkeye fan. His whole life he dream't of playing for the Hawks but instead another QB named Marvin McNutt got the scholarship and cousins was eventually picked up by State. If you could go back and change things would you rather have McNutt or...