1. Hawkeye27

    james vandenberg on NIU and runningbacks

    James vandenberg video interview on the upcoming NIU game. Short, but nice. Senior quarterback James Vandenberg talks NIU - YouTube
  2. Hawkeye27

    Adam Gettis 1 on 1

    The Redskins Blog | Rookie Spotlight: Adam Gettis A little one on one with the Offensive guard for the Redskins. He also gets personal, talking about his younger days, and who cooks the best food in his family.
  3. Hawkeye27

    Ricky Stanzi interview Chiefs

    Skip ahead to the 8:45 mark. Stanzi alludes to Iowa's pro style helping him recognize blitz's. It also gets into off the field questions, such as his patriotism and the jokes that come with it. They might start calling hims "sunshine" like the qb from Remember the Titans. Interesting...
  4. Hawkeye27

    Marvin McNutt Phone call

    A phone interview with Marvin McNutt about being drafted, and his experience. He would label his gameplay as a "playmaker." My favorite part of the interview was when they asked Marvin if he played the slot at Iowa. He must have been distracted. Marvin McNutt On The Phone
  5. Hawkeye27

    Jordan Bernstine Interview with Redskins

    Jordan Bernstine, similar to Adam gettis was featured on the Redskins segment on getting to know rookies. He talks about feeling honored that Kirk Ferentz would put in a good word for him. He also says one of the biggest adjustments will be calling plays from the safety position. In his free...
  6. Hawkeye27

    Adam Gettis Interview with Redskins

    Adam Gettis has a video that shows a segment on getting to know rookies. Adam Gettis is featured and talks about himself and how he is fitting in. He credits Iowa and their zone blocking technique as helpful in making his transition with the Redskins. He jokes about his hair being similar to...