greg garmon

  1. Hawkeye27

    Akeel Lynch Vs. Greg Garmon Highlights

    Which Highlight tape do you like better? Who do you think shows the most promise from their tapes? Who's tape was more impressive skill wise? Did not see much passing on Lynch's tape. Akeel Lynch Senior Highlights RB #5 St. Francis High School, Buffalo, NY - YouTube #13 Greg...
  2. Hawkeye27

    Greg Garmon comes next week.

    According to the Sioux City Journal, Greg Garmon will be coming in next week to start summer classes and workout etc. However, Garmon has a July 18th preliminary hearing in Pa. Kirksey and Vandenberg offer their words of wisdom as well. Incoming Iowa RB Garmon will arrive amid controversy
  3. Hawkeye27

    Greg Garmon vs. Barkley Hill

    Our 2012-2013 season will undoubtedly feature the likes of a freshman runningback, in fact I would say the odds are that both players will have time on the field. My question here is who will produce the most yards for the hawkeyes this year out of the two Highschool phenoms. Garmon or Hill...