1. clicheusername3

    Credit to the Wildcats

    I just want to point out they did their thing and made the game one that they wanted to play. They have good shooters and as proven time and again in the sport of basketball, shooting is pretty important. I'm cheering for the 'Cats the rest of the way. RAWR.
  2. clicheusername3


    Noticed the FIRE FERENTZ thread gaining some steam so time to start talking about replacements. This guy is available and I have him as choice 1. and 1a.
  3. clicheusername3

    Would you take Duke in the B1G?

    I kind of thought this was interesting. Their FB program is historically crappy but seems to be on the up (better than us anyway) and the BBall program is immense. The lacrosse team also knows how to party. What say you HawkeyeNation on the Dookies being drafted by the B1G?