1. D

    Improving the atmosphere at Carver Hawkeye

    One idea to improve Carver's atmosphere (other than moving the students) or a large money improvement straight up, could be to appeal to the fact that it is under ground entirely. If Iowa could think of like maybe a "Pit" type thing, or another underground slogan or something catching like that...
  2. tweeterhawk

    What's Fran's ceiling at Iowa?

    The boys over at Black Heart Gold Pants have semi-debated a question I've been kicking around for a while. We've experienced Fran McCaffery for seven years now, some good, some not so good. In your opinion, how good of an NCAA men's basketball coach is he? How far can he take this program...
  3. Hawkeye27

    Looking for one minnesota ticket 1/19 basketball

    I am looking for one student ticket, or any ticket for the iowa basketball game on sunday, 1/19 against minnesota. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is selling thanks!

    Fran Not Looking To Redshirt Anyone in 2013

    For those asking if Jok might redshirt. I saw this article posted an hour ago in the Des Moines Register This team is so hungry. I say the more competition the better...
  5. T

    Iowa WBB game

    my phone tells me that its suppose to be on ESPN 2 but they have the Baylor game on... does anyone know anything about this?
  6. T

    How to watch the game saturday

    Week 16 | NCAA Men's Basketball 2012-13 | Streaming & Discussion This site always works for me. They should update the game to saturday in the next few days and a stream should be up.
  7. L

    Carver Arena Renovations

    I am sure they already have a courts design decided upon. And I remember reading on TOS that someone asked barta about using the flying tigerhawk logo instead of the modern tigerhawk and he responded that they had to use the modern logo for branding purposes(which i totally understand)... anyway...
  8. B

    If your plane crashed on an island, which current or former basketball players...

    do you want to have survived with you? Let's say you are traveling by private jet for a big budget I-Club circuit with current and/or former basketball players and you plane crashes on an unknown island. What five players do you want to have survived with you? Why? Who would you rather not...
  9. clicheusername3

    If Greg McDermott never existed...

    would Ben Jacobsen be one of the top 3 on the wish list of new Iowa coaches if Lick is fired? I think what McDermott has done at ISU is causing a negative backlash at Jacobsen and I would be excited with him as the coach. Positives: he is youngish, let's the 3's fly and appears to recruit...
  10. B

    Free Student Tickets

    If you want FREE tickets to the last two home Mens Basketball games, you're in luck. The Hawks Nest Executive Board has acquired 600 student tickets, 300 each for the last two games that we are giving out for free. We will be handing these out tomorrow at these times/locations: 12:05 T. Anne...
  11. A

    Video from halftime football ceremony during Ohio State vs Iowa game...

    Video I shot of the Adrian Clayborn and Orange Bowl trophy presentation at Carver Hawkeye Arena during last night's Ohio State vs. Iowa game. YouTube- Adrian Clayborn and 2010 Orange Bowl Team Honored Halftime of Ohio State at Iowa Game 1/27/2010