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    The path to the West Division Championship

    Yep, win all the games like 2015 to leave no doubt
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    Big Ten QB's Completion % from 2020

    Petras had a less than avg 2nd half at purdue in the first game and not so great a game against jNW in the second game when BrianF decided to call a zillion pass plays. If or when I have time I might check out the last 6 games vs the first 2 games for petras.
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    Every QB with the attributes to be drafted better be spending some dollars to work with a QB guru in the summer. Kids in high school or younger go to camps as their parents search for that schollie. You would expect that local high school coaches are not going to be the best qb teachers as it...
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    Jerry Burns

    Burns was a very good coach as his Vikings tenure showed. He had some good years and a couple terrible ones at Iowa. Of course following Evy was tough with Evy right there as what some people said that Evy was the puppeteer moving all the strings. He was I am sure a very good coach before...
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    Was there negativity around CJ in the last part of the season or the last few games?

    Yeah, I forgot about where he lived etc
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    What is the skinny on the QB position after spring ball?

    Did Petras solidify his starting spot? Was he showing improvement with some touch and accuracy? It seems he likes to execute the down the sideline throws and short passes to the running backs and sidelines more than the over the middle passes. So is he throwing more types of passes better...
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    Where are Nixon’s people at?

    Well a Def End can make a huge splash right away and that position gets more pub than the Dee Tackle position with the sacks the ends get. With the passing game so prominent now the big running stuffing Dee tackles are very important but top pass rushers from that position are what is needed...
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    Was there negativity around CJ in the last part of the season or the last few games?

    I seem to have read someone on this site mention something may have been said between CJ and the coaching staff. I cant remember what thread so not sure if I am imaging I saw this. Did something negative with or around the Iowa program start CJ towards the transfer portal?
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    CJ Fredrick

    Well very few of these players in all of college ball will make any money playing Bball after college and you know it and I know it so they better also go to a school that gets them a good degree for them.
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    Iowa Basketball lands Filip Rebraca Commitment

    I thought this Filip guy is 6'11"
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    Jordan Bohannon Returning for Sixth Season at Iowa

    I highly doubt it as the hawks were 2 to 3 games out of first place during regular season and got blitzed in the tourney. The hawks stubbled when CJF was out with his injuries and his shooting was gone and now he is gone. But if JT or someone steps up and plays great at the point along with...
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    Jordan Bohannon Returning for Sixth Season at Iowa

    I hope JBo is coming back with an understanding and maybe his wish to play a shooting wing position ala Matt Gatens, etc. We need to find out who are really good point guards are or if we have a really good pt guard. These other teams pt guards have just eaten Fran's defensive Lunch over the...
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    DSM history buffs - Des Moines Speedway?

    Yeah, Indy Car city type road course races just do not have the passing that their oval races do. It is hard to top ground effect Indy cars going 4 abreast at the Indy 500.
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    DSM history buffs - Des Moines Speedway?

    Yes, the Ruan Grand Prix was a great event for awhile in des moines. Exciting and lots of fans
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    CJ Fredrick Expected to Enter Transfer Portal

    That is fucked, the NCAA is fucked up, college bball is now fucked up worse than it was. Rent a player. The schools could put some kabosh on this by not transferring some or certain credits but they wont do that