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    Spencer Petras

    When Petras has too much time to think, he aims instead of throws. He always aims on those sideline out routes, and rarely completes them, unless it's to the other team. Bri should NEVER CALL THAT FKN PLAY. EVER. Petras also locks down on one guy pretty hard. No improvisation. If the the play...
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    Cyclone appreciation thread

    This kind of sycophancy is just fkn embarrassing coming from a "journalist." Randy prolly wears a dental dam and knee pads whenever he prepares to interview Campbell. Seriously. Try to read it without feeling uncomfortable...
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    so much for the blowout

    Phil Parker is absolute trash
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    Iowa calls 3 timeouts...19 sec

    "If he wants to use a timeout losing this bad, FK him. I'm using all three of mine." That's verbatim.
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    Jared Goff's broken records think so
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    No more Rose Bowl in Pasadena?

    Hell at this rate it'll be burned to a shell.
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    Note from the Publisher

    Your “argument” is so anti-American and unworthy of serious discussion that the only appropriate retort is to instruct you to go F yourself.
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    Note from the Publisher

    Oh F YOU. This country has been disrespecting black folks for 400 years. PS Arvada is a shithole
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    Adrian Clayborn vs AJ Epenesa

    AJ has a little bit of an Aaron Donald vibe going on
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    Fleck postgame

    Fleck is a guy who left the mother of his children for a stripper. The motherfucker has no moral or ethical compass
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    OT?? Turned off BTN Tailgate show bcuz PJ Fleck's wife interviewed

    The ho stripper for whom Peej left his wife and kids? That one?
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    Band Member's Social Media Post

    U R RITE!
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    Band Member's Social Media Post

    This doesn't make you look tough, just stupid.
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    One Image Encapsulates 127 Years of Clown Football

    He's thinking... "Kirk please call me."