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  • stormin - not sure of your association with HN (I know your write for Jon) but for us casual recruiting fans, it would be nice in your post if you give us some hint to who these recruits are? Like "John Smith, PG, Anytown, USA". Reading the Perry Ellis thread, I have no idea who he is without googling.
    Stormin, you ever hear of Joe Coleman? I think he goes to Hopkins up there. Sounds like ISU offered him.
    Hey there,

    Would love the MP3 or CD versions...either or....I really like mashups. Nice job on this. Alaska was pretty amazing....even for a 51 year old who thought he'd seen it all!

    p.s. Moving to IC on 8/1
    Come on--what was the good news you're holding out on?

    Also what do you think of the guard from MN--Estan something? Didn't you post a while ago that you like his game? Someone else mentioned him in your 2011 recruit string.

    Do you want tickets for one of the remaining Iowa games? If so, let me know.
    Stormin........Really man, let me know when you're in town for a Big Ten game and I'd be happy to meet you, discuss hoops over a beer at the Wig. I was at the OSU game, last night. Eric May played a heckuva game. Too bad we just could not make a couple more plays at the end
    Stormin--------Let me know if you're coming down to the I.C. for a game. I'll be more than happy to buy you a Frosty one, perhaps at The Wig.
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