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  • Yes, you can pick the moneyline on parlays. Picking favorites to win doesn't pay out as much though. Those Vegas guys aren't stupid! I don't do alot of parlays until football. When you type in your bet you can see how much your payout will be before you actually lock in your bet. It's up to you to decide if the payout is worth the original wager. I like the idea though but haven't really done that on a parlay enough to see if it works out. Maybe do some imaginary bets and keep a spreadsheet of the results.
    Hey man, question on betting. Based on what you told me, wouldn't the moneyline be the way to on parlays? You don't have to worry about covering the spread, but instead just picking the winners, correct? Tonight I put $10 on a four team moneyline bet. Would have won $64. I had Cavs, Bucks, Bobcats and Celtics. The Celtics blew it by losing to the Knicks. Seems like an easier option for winning. What is your experience/advice on this? Thanks!

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