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Hey Doc! We're all wondering if you're still with us. If you are, it'd be good to hear from ya. Hope you're doing well wherever you are. :)
Hey dude! I posted a video of my bands new video on the Music Thread board & Hawkeyebob told me 2 look you up. He said that you help organize Shellabration in Ft Dodge. We're from Council Bluffs. If you guys need any openers next summer, my band Pony Creek, would love consideration. Here is a link to the video
Still no reply, still can't access HN Extra. Please fix this, or give me back my $35.99. It's ridiculous that folks have to wait this long for a service that they paid for over a month ago.

Philip Zell
On 5/31, HN put a $35.99 charge on my CC, but I still can't access articles in HN Extra. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.