What is the future of NCAA women's wrestling?


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The latest story in the CR Gazette today about the outstanding success the champion Iowa women's wrestling team has had makes one wonder about the future of NCAA women's wrestling Apparently there are 3 D-1 women's wrestling teams right now. Are other D-1 universities adding women's wrestling? How long is it likely to be before there are a substantial number of D-1 grappling programs competing?

Further diversion from work looking at women's NCAA sports in general resulted in the numbers below. Where will D-1 College women's wrestling end up on this list? We all burst with pride at the accomplishments Coach Clarissa Chun and her staff and athletes have had! For the growth of the sport, will there soon be many new teams for the Hawks to continue to conquer? Have not seen much info about known actual upcoming new NCAA women's wrestling teams, or the projected growth rate of the sport, so this post is just throwing it out there for others who are far better informed to respond.

All numbers below are from Google searching, so factor that in re: the accuracy of these numbers!

Sport # of D-1 universities with women's teams
Wrestling 3
Fencing 29
Water polo 36
Bowling 37
Field hockey 79
Rowing 89
Lacrosse 129
Swimming 200
Tennis 264
Softball 286
Track 338
Basketball 351