Using Johnson on jet sweeps


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I think if Iowa would adopt a Paul Christ type offense using Johnson on jet sweeps with his speed and then keeping Williams or #9 in as the more downhill runner there is opportunity to exploit defenses in a bunch of different ways. Inthink
Johnson can catch ball decently and imagine him on a swing route torching lbs. Iowa can make subtle changes and score more
I think you should use your fastest offensive weapon on a jet sweep. I believe that's Wetjen at the moment.
The last time Wetjen ran it he just kinda fell down on his own it seemed like. Plus I'm not as big of a fan of dudes that are 'specialty' guys. When they only come in the game for a play or 2 and you know what it is they are going to do. You don't have to send out advanced scouts like Michigan does to know that when he's in the game and goes in motion he's probably getting the ball.