**Thanksgiving hangover game thread**

Iowa's best 2nd half offense was Chubba Purdy.

The win aside, this game offensively was one of the worst coached games for both teams. They set football back several years.

No wonder CBS used their last team for the announcing crew. They were the only thing worse than the 2 offenses.
Any news on Dunker and Brown? I would have been pissed if we got a bunch of dudes hurt and lost.
You can't even make up any of that... First off it shoulda went to OT like 3 times but both teams tried to lose it in regulation instead. Was Hurkett actually supposed to be there like that? he was 10 yards plus downfield playing centerfield kinda. Glad he was though. And then thank God Williams ran as hard as he did finishing off that run like he did. Meeder didn't have an extra 3 yards on that kick. And how about the stones on that kid? No way did that kid wake up thinking he'd be carried off on dudes shoulders and carrying the trophy. Just another W for KF. Unreal. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
and there's strike #2.

Strike 3 coming up ... 17-10. Hawks make Fusker's season again!!
Iowa didn't make shit last year. If they think beating Iowa made a 4-8 season they're even more moronic than I thought. Their 2022 was a complete shit show-like their 2021....their 2020....their 2019....2018......
You'll miss it when they're gone. Says the father of a 25, 23, and 20 year old.
You're right. I won't miss the parents that think 4th grade basketball is the Final Four and one coach (parochial school) repeatedly dropping F-bombs. That I won't miss. Watching my kids enjoy things like this, you're right, I will definitely miss it.