SIAP: Would you whether have a top high powered offense or defense?


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I think about this a lot.

It is said that "in the big ten" you need to play defense. Why? In the B1G West there are usually NOT prolific offenses. So an average defense will get you by.

Having really good defense matters when you have a sub par offense.

Maybe in the upper Midwest there just are not a lot of great offensive skill position recruits available. (yes there are some, just not a lot). So you have to build the team based on what you can most easily get.

Use the materials to build the house that are found near your house.

For a change, for a while I'd like to see some good exciting offense.


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Not any more. Mr. Saban used to think this way, but the year we almost lost to Clempson and had to onside it to get an extra possession proved him wrong and now the defense is good but the caliber of talent on offense is ridiculous. You cannot stop offenses like the one LSU had with Burrow or the one Clempson had with DeShaun Watson. Your only hope is to get at least one stop, one turnover and pray like hell you don't turn it over and can score every time you have the pill. You need just a slightly competent defense and an unreal offense to win a title. Maybe UGA can break that trend this year, but it will be the exception and not the rule.

Ignoring Kirk's first two seasons, I think his best overall teams and most accomplished teams like in 2002-4, mid-season 2008 to mid-season 2010, 2015, and 2018-19, were when they had a pretty potent offense, Those teams had better passing games and long ball chunk play potential than his other teams.

Much of the collapse in 2010 was losing a starting guard who was replaced by and undersized center who played his best and losing Adam Robinson and a lot of the running game. Some other of his teams didn't have the great defenses. But generally Kirk's best offenses with more scoring project to his best teams because they go so well with the long time great scoring defensive philosophy.